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Winnipeg Wrestle Watch
Sunday, April 17, 2005

I’m excited about a few things and disenchanted by others. I may be blunt about stuff today but everything really slides into the shit quick around the flatlands.

I think it is great that HTM is coming back. Repeat offenders to the local scene is a good way to build. I also think it’s hilarious that HTM will be hosting karaoke in Portage. Rikishi----oops I mean Fatu, in an eating contest – HTM in karaoke….good stuff guys. It is that type of cross promotion that’s needed to build.

I’m confused as to why the initial Doubles show would be run under Wayne’s banner of AWA/RCW, yet the new poster has “IWM Wrestling” listed as the promotion. Unless “IMW” is going to be running regularly, why not use a “brand” that is somewhat recognized, especially the “AWA” part?

Andrew announced the tourney and I honestly think it could be the bright spot of the local scene if he can follow up and create a buzz for PCW.

Big shows aside (because really they are one-offs the way everyone structures them) - if you look, really look, at who the most successful promotions were locally (in no particular order) over the last 5 years it would be:

CWF – For a short run at Le Rendezvous.
IWA – TV tapings with high-end production, names, big budgets and radio show to keep the buzz.
TRCW - Big run at The Palladium
PCW – Big run at The Strat.

Wayne has had draws of 200+, free or not, but I’m looking at shows in the 350-400+ range and with some degree of longevity.

The point is that the most successful periods were when a promotion did not have a hard time outdoing themselves (booking a huge venue and promising the world) and had an easy time keeping the fans coming back because the next show was within planning distance for the fans agenda…. a weekly/semi-weekly venue. Thus building the venue, not the product/brand.

What PCW has with this show is an opportunity to bring some extra people to a show and possibly interest them enough to bring them back by presenting a helluva product. The venue holds what could be considered a reasonable expectation for a string of back-to-back “sell-outs”. If he can draw 400-500 then maintain a crowd of 300-400 for a few months, that would be more impressive than any 1000-1500 one shot draw to me. Who gives a fuck if it’s in a bar?

The key is to capitalize on the situation and keep all or a portion of those new patrons. That is something that nobody has seemed to be able to do locally. I don't think it's a market problem either.

Quick Shots:

- Bounced cheques and broken promises will sink you and kill your credibility. Pay your debts.
- Lockdown –Six Sides of Steel – Did TNA "steel" Ernie’s idea of having every match in a cage??? Is the Prez wielding influence? Will the Main Event see a Kahuna run-in?? Hope not, but stay tuned.
- Speaking of “The Prez”, I feel bad that Ernie was being left alone until I brought the CWF up in my first post. Now he even broke his silence and posted on Manson. There are Ernie stories being told. Shit is starting to fly….. OH THE GUILT.
- When the hell is the AWE PPV going to air??? This is starting to look like Ernie’s big TV announcement that we are still waiting for (37 years later). At least the CWF got to air a pilot...
- Dalton – tell the fucking garage sale story already. It’s classic and you have that knack that makes it even funnier.
- Congrats to Saxon & Stardom on the upcoming nuptials. I forgot how classic Brother Midnight was. Someone give this guy a spot!!! I would love to hear Bro Midnight do the CJOB news some time...
- Saw the AWE puff piece on Shaw... finally. (I'm late bloomer) What exactly did it do to sell the product? I appreciate the effort but if you’re gonna have that kind of spot, do something with it. Stay up late, watch a few infomercials. Learn how to hard sell things. THEN make your puff piece. Quick reminder – insider shit does not draw the casual fan because it is not an aspect they will experience at a live show. It pops the boys and that's about it. It’s been done in the big time and failed to enhance their product…. and any “insider crap” at our level exposes us as incredibly bush.


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